Latinx Stereotypes is an interactive project. Latinx is a gender neutral way of referring to Latinos, a term which activists and journalists are starting to use. This project looks at pointing out the lack of and mis-representation of Latinx people in the media, specifically films. The notepad is a checklist of stereotypes that you may see Latinx characters have in film. The ways Latinxs can be stereotyped is separated in 7 points, this system being based on the bechdel test. This is to help people identify them easier, with a description of each point on the back of the sheet. They are perforated so that you can rip them out, and add the details of the film you are watching to the top of the sheet. You then tick the boxes that apply to the film as you are watching it, and at the end of the film add up the points to see how representative the film is of Latinx.